Getting Started with Cooja Hello World Tutorial

Cooja is an awesome network simulator for Contiki. A simulated Contiki Mote in COOJA is an actual compiled and executing Contiki system. The system is controlled and analyzed by COOJA. To run cooja you need to have Instant Contiki installed. If you haven’t installed yet check out my step by step tutorial on “Quickstart your IoT Experiments by quickly deploying Instant Contiki

Step 1: Open you terminal by clicking the Terminal Icon or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T

Contiki Terminal

Step 2: Navigate to this path from your terminal

cd contiki-2.7/tools/cooja

Step 3: Enter the following command ant run next

ant run

Step 4: After few seconds you should be able to see the following screen


Step 5: Click on the File option or press Alt + F

Step 6: Click on Open Simulation and navigate to contiki-2.7/examples/hello-world/

Step 7: Your screen should look like this

Step 8: Simply click Start button in Simulation Button to start your simulation. You will get the following output

Cooja Hello World

That’s it 🙂 Your Cooja Hello World is up and running. Didn’t understand what it means? Don’t worry. In the next article, I will explain how to run your own hello world simulation in Cooja and learn more about Contiki OS. Consider this tutorial as a test run of your cooja tool.

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