Quickstart your IoT Experiments by quickly deploying Instant Contiki

If you are just starting out on using Contiki and don’t really want to commit to all those complicated sudo apt commands discussed in a previous article on installing-Contiki-os-in-raspberry-pi-3.

Step 1: Simply follow this link to download Instant Contiki.

Instant Contiki Download Page

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded file.

Unzip the file

Step 3: Start your virtualization software like Vmware or Virtualbox and load your Instant Contiki File. In Vmware click Open a Virtual Machine as shown below

Open a Virtual Machine

Step 4: Navigate to your the extracted folder .vmx file

Select the .vmx file

Step 5: Power on your machine

Power on

Step 6: Select “I copied it” option

Select I copied it

Step 6: Enter your credentials and start using Instant Contiki (Username and Password is user)

Username and password is user

That’s it! I hoped this simple tutorial helped you.

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