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A Quick History

I dived into web development by building small scale applications like Auto SMS Wisher, it was completely built on PHP and leveraged Restful API of PingSMS to automatically send greetings on a pre-specified date. My projects were small so I stuck to PHP only. I never contemplated using any framework for my development purposes. As I transitioned to large scale projects I quickly realised that developing Web Applications without any framework is like digging a hole with a spoon. A painstakingly pointless process!

“Developing Web Applications without any framework is like digging a hole with a spoon.”

I decided to build my applications with a PHP framework. Now choosing an all-rounder framework is quite daunting. I wanted something simple, efficient and secure. I searched diligently and evaluated the pros and cons of different PHP frameworks. I finally settled for Laravel. With Laravel authentication became easier. Plugins were easily available and I could finally follow the proper MVC Architecture. I could discuss a lot more on the same, but I feel that it won’t be relevant to this page.

My Motivation for This Page

I made this page to share and discuss some of my works and my general approach towards a successful project. My definition of a successful project is only when I have happy users. Most of my works are not available publicly, but I will try and make sure that at least a demo is available for the same. Additionally, In future, I would like to make some of my projects open source. Fingers crossed 🙂

List of My Works

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Online Admission Application for Schools/ Colleges/ Universities

I built an opensource online admission app for colleges. I will soon write about it. Till then here is the ...
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Techmion Logistics: Advanced Logistics Management Application for a Shipping Company

Techmion Logistics was the first-ever large-scale project I worked on. Till now, I have worked only on small-scale projects. I ...
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